Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spending 5/2

Breakdown of spending for today.

Lunch after CPR class $3.24 McDonalds.
Books-a-Million 4.24 (A book I have really been wanting.) On clearance table at 75%.
4 Del Monte Tomatoes BOGO
Shrimp BOGO
Tilipia BOGO
Pork Chops BOGO
1 lb. ground beef
Chicken Breast Tenders BOGO
$5 off $30 Coupon
Total $34.XX

I love Winn-Dixie for their meat sales, but you have to watch them. They doublecharged me for the chicken and I had to get a credit.

Luggage Carrier $220 (A $180 less than I was expecting :-) Sears
JC Penney Shirt $2.19 (Woo Hoo)
Sams 2 Cans of Formula $40.XX
Publix - Purchases too many to count.
At Publix I hit the sales and used the coupons. I spent $71.XX and saved $50.28. The manager made a joke about having to replace the tape once I was done. Amy D. would estimate my hourly wage for this shopping trip to be about $25.14 an hour. Not bad for a day's work.

Hopefully done with the spending today. I will hit the CVS for the cereal sale on Monday, but after that I should be done with grocery shopping for a while. I go on work/vacation this weekend. Hotel is being paid for by a vendor we work with so I will need to come up with meal money. My kids look forward to this all year so it is worth the money, but it means less to the mortgage this month.

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