Friday, May 1, 2009

Wrap-Up for the Week

This week has been frugal in some aspects... Unfrugal in others. I like to think positive so let's
start with the frugal.

- Watched electricity like a hawk. Air conditioning set on 74.
- Collected water from tap to water plants when waiting for it to heat to certain temp
- Tried to not use paper towels and watched other paper uses in house
- Shopped sales for much needed diapers
- Did not go grocery shopping other than much needed diapers
- At CVS, did find deal on Pringles. Less than .25 cent per full size can. Can't beat that?
-Figured budget for next month

- Had to buy clothes - online because I am a hard fit
- Tennis shoes - I love to run and my feet were hurting from my other ones
- Paid $115 for three children to do gymnastics in June- budgeted but still hurt
- I hope this is my last shopping and spending other than groceries for some time
- Tomorrow we will have to buy a location carrier for our van. With our fourth child, we can no longer carry luggage in our van. Budgeted for but still an unwanted expense.

Glad I could finally join along! Hopefully this will spur me to watch my spending more so I do not have to fess up to so much unfrugal activity.

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  1. Thanks for joining us! I am hard to fit too and end up paying a lot of money to find something. Painful even when you do save up.