Saturday, March 13, 2010

Super Savings Saturday

Today, my sweet husband had to take me and our four kids to run errands today. The first stop was Academy Sports. This particular trip we needed to get the boys a bat so that they could practice baseball. As usual, we did not stick to our list. We ended up buying a bat, baseball bag, iron skillet (Wedding gift), and a pair of sunglasses. I had a giftcard for $13.00 so ended up paying $60.00. Next time, I will have to get their baseball pants.

On to Walmart! There I bought groceries I couldn't get at Costco. I had several free coupon products and ended up saving $11.00 in coupons. I did not veer from the list here. I also bought seeds and soil to start a small garden. We will see how that goes. My husband reminded me to not spend so much on seeds since they probably will not produce. Money spent- $54.XX.

Costco was our next stop. Once again, we kept to the list. I managed a $5.00 coupon for diapers. I have never tried these before so I sure hope they work. I could have probably worked a better deal elsewhere, but the truth is I can't really run around chasing deals. My husband can be pretty patient but trying to run from store to store is not his cup of tea. Total spent $123. XX

With this broken ankle, deal shopping is probably going to be at a standstill for awhile. Making Money is where I will be focusing my time and energy. We will see how well that goes with one foot.

Hope you guys are having a great Saturday!

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