Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Menu

After watching Food Revolution on Friday, I feel more inspired to eat healthy.  I am trying to keep some perspective and not go overboard, but I really feel that Jaime Oliver is right.  We are what we eat.  On that note, this week's menu will focus on different fruit and veggies.

B: Cereal and milk
L: Leftover Pulled Pork and salad
S: Sausage Gumbo w/ carrots, celery, onions, bellpepper and lots of tomatoes/ rice/ broccoli 
Dessert : Brownies

B: Banana Bread
L: Leftover Sausage Gumbo w/ side of sauteed zuchinni
S: Pork Chops/ Mashed Potatoes/ carrots

B: Pancakes w/ syrup
L: Sandwich/ chips/ fruit
S: Chili w/ crackers

B: Banana Bread
L: Salad w/ CrackersAzsxdcd
S: Spaghetti w/ Wheat Pasta/ Zuchinni

B: Pancakes
L: Easter Brunch
S: Easter Dinner

B: Muffins
L: Leftovers
S: Chicken Dumplings / Carrots

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