Friday, February 26, 2010

Crazy Day

Do you ever have one of those days when you would rather curl up and go to bed? Today was that day for me. It started with the craziness of taking everyone to school and preschool. Then my carpool buddy cancelled due to sickness so I rearranged the day to pick up my son from preschool. On the way to go across town to the school, someone called from Craigslist about some dining room chairs we have been trying to sale. I had to tell my son that I would be picking him up early so that I could show the chairs at 1:00.

Away we go! With the other two children in tow, I went on to Weight Watchers (still doing well - YEAH!), off to the gym to run 4 very hard miles, and off to Walmart to buy supplies for the weekend. I then went back to the preschool to pick up son so that I could save on gas. Now, if you will, picture what a harried mom of two toddlers looks like after running four miles and managing children who are passed lunchtime and ready for naps. That is how I arrived at the preschool. When I get there, my preschool son erupts into tears because I have come to pick him up just as he is going to the playground. Off to the van we go!

Please let the day end. I rush back to the house, unload groceries, and put children to naps. While taking a quick shower, the lady calls about the chairs. She will be here in five minutes. I meet her at the door, wet hair and all. She might want to buy 12 at $12.50 a piece. This is great news because the next month might be tight moneywise.

She leaves and I move on to kitchen and laundry duty. That goes for about an hour, and then I must wake youngest to feed him the lunch he slept through at 3:00. He refuses to eat until I go to put up food and then he screams so loudly I swear the neighbor can hear. I rush back to the table with the food I have just put away to feed him again. Off to carpool lane!

As I am typing this, I swear I might need a little vacation! I am whipped.

I am going to call this a Saving Day! I used as little electricity as possible.

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