Friday, January 13, 2012

Preventing Frugal Burnout

Preventing Frugal Burnout

I felt that this post was needed based on how I feel today.  I have shopped bargain groceries this week, sat home to avoid putting gasoline in the car, sewed a skirt for my little girl and have given my little boy a haircut.  I have cooked every meal and cleaned up every dish.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am tired.

In the midst of this chaos, my husband has spotted an excellent deal on a rental property,  I was told my son needed about $2500.00 in dental work at the end of this year, and I put $750.00 in my business to meet payroll.  This at the same time I am desperately saving for a much needed vacation.  How do you keep from screaming?

1.) Goals - Keep in mind your goal.  What is it you would like to accomplish?  For me, a short term goal is the trip.  For the rest of today, I will continue to think about the memories that will be created there.  Hopefully, this will motivate me to get my items ready for the consignment sales starting soon.

2.) Check Progress - I spent the morning going over my finances for the month.  The little things I am doing are making a significant difference in what we are saving.  We are gaining traction and I project that next month will be even better.  Progress made!

3.) Keep the End in Sight - For long term goals, it is harder to stay motivated.  Create a chart to keep you on track.  If it is paying down debt, pay a little something each time you save with one of your frugal endeavors.  Put this on the chart.  For me, I am working on paying down the mortgage.  I keep a chart that tells me exactly how adding any additional principal lowers the total.  I LOVE IT!  It really keeps me motivated.

4.) Indulge Yourself - Tonight, I will go to the movies with my husband with our Costco discount tickets.  We will splurge and have popcorn and soda as we watch the movie.  I will feel truly pampered by the time I leave.  We do this each week that Grandfather sits with the kids.  Is it an additional expense?  It sure is.  In my book, it is definitely worth the added expense.  Our mortgage is large so if I waited until I had it paid off to do things I enjoy, I would have missed out on the best part of my life. 

Remember- don't get discouraged.  The end is in sight.  Just keep plugging away and eventually you will be singing the happy dance when the debt is paid. 

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