Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Sometimes in life we need a real kick in the pants.  We need to step out of our comfort zone.  By doing this, we grow as individuals and are able to enrich others' lives.  Lofty statement for sure.  

Unfortunately, this isn't easy.

How does this relate to being thrifty?  Lately, I have been doing activities that normally I would have paid someone to do.  For instance, my little girl began to have an aversion to getting dressed.  I tried taking her to the store to buy clothes and that ended in disaster.  My mom suggested the fabric store, and she instantly loved picking out fabrics.  I happened to find a tutorial on the internet for a simple three seams skirt, and my mornings have become much easier.  Sewing is not in my skill set.  I do not know anyone who sews and by the time I pay for the material, I do not want to add to price of the garment.  I am making sewing a priority and trying to stretch myself and learn.

My boys had broken a spindle on my staircase of my home.  Now my home is from 1932, and my chances of finding a replacement are small and none.  My husband nailed it back in but that was it.  It was ugly!  One day I took some wood putty and applied it.  I then let spindle dry and tried to shape it by sanding it until it looked like the others.  Guess what?  It did.  I applied paint and voila, a spindle is born.  Honestly, I would have bought one if I could, but boy, I sure did feel good when I could fix it myself.  

I would challenge you to see what new skills you can pick up this week.  Step out of that comfort zone and see what you can accomplish.  I bet you will surprise yourself.

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